August 20, 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | $42 for 14 shades

Ah, a dreamy palette full of oranges and reds, the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette! This palette couldn't have been released at a better time, as warm toned eyes are huge in the makeup world right now. As someone who's obsessed with red eyeshadows, I couldn't hold off on picking this up any longer.

Anastasia is most known for their brow products, but their brand has expanded to huge lengths this past year, with eyeshadows, highlighters, and liquid lipsticks becoming increasingly popular from them. Not only that, but for how many colors are included in their eyeshadow palettes, they run for an incredible deal, usually ranging from $30-$45, which is pretty affordable for a high end palette.

As mentioned before, this palette has 14 shades, and is full of warm browns, oranges, and reds, with even a couple of more cooler berry tones mixed in, making it a beautiful palette for the incoming Fall season, and anyone who loves a warm smokey eye. This palette is one of the most buttery, blendable formulas I have used, and I've found it hard to put it down and use something else for the day because of how amazing and easy they are to work with on the eyes. You can come up with a huge array of looks with this one palette, and it can easily be toned down with the lighter colors for every day looks, or built up with the dark browns and reds for more dramatic nights out.

It also comes with a double ended brush that isn't half bad, with a fluffy blending brush on one end and a flat shadow brush on the other.

For being my first eyeshadow product from Anastasia, I am wildly impressed by the quality of these colors! This is one of the more exciting products I've purchased in the past few months, and I'm super happy that the quality didn't disappoint. From what I know this is a permanent product, so I would definitely recommend it with Autumn right around the corner.

Next on my ABH wishlist is the oh so beautiful Moon Child highlighting palette!

[Sorry about the bleh blending for this eye look and being a bit boring, but I was feeling a bold red eye for the day and I was in a rush for work haha. From what I remember, I used Love Letter all over, and dabbed a bit of Venetian Red over the lid for a bit of shimmer.]

Are you more of a warm or cool toned eyeshadow type of gal?

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Anastasia Beverly Hills | Modern Renaissance Palette

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