September 15, 2016

Kat Von D Beauty | Innerstellar Eye & Lip Set // VIB Exclusive

Kat Von D Innerstellar Eye & Lip Set | $68 // $102 Value

I probably wouldn't be surprising too many of you if I said Kat Von D has become my favorite makeup brand. While her packaging is absolutely stunning, its how unique her products and massive color selections are that really draw me into the brand as a whole. With that in mind, I've been eyeing this limited edition ultra cool toned Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette on Sephora for many months now, and when I saw that it now came in a set with 2 lip products and an eyeliner for a steal of $68, I finally was convinced to pick it up.

Besides the palette itself, this set comes with a bright pink Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Armageddon, a purple iridescent Studded Kiss Lipstick in Wonderchilde, and a metallic purple Lightning Liner in Poe.

For me every product is a winner in this set, but since the lip colors aren't normally a color I'd buy at my own accord, I'd say the palette and liner are the must haves for me. At first swatch the liner in Poe did seem a little thin and watery, but I noticed that with this you do have to click out a nice bead of product to get a proper application rather than just enough to fill the tip of the brush.

Lips / Armageddon to Requiem Ombre with Wonderchilde along outer edges. Liner in Poe using palette eyeshadows.

Kat Von D's Studded Kiss Lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent, and Wonderchilde was no exception. It smells so yummy which is a joy to apply on the lips, and while this color seemed slightly patchy along the edges, I think that has more to do with the iridescent finish and light reflection rather than the product itself. The color payoff is a bit more sheer than it looks though, so if you want a really opaque fnish, I would suggest using a lip liner underneath, or layering up the product a bit. I've only tried two colors from this range so far but I've actually really liked both of them, despite seeing many mixed reviews on her lipsticks.

As for Armageddon, I really really really like the formula of these liquid lips as well from her, but this bright blue-based pink color has always been my least favorite shade to wear on my skin tone personally. I have worn it out a few times though and do like the product overall, I just wish the color didn't look so god awful on me haha.

The palette of course is just as beautiful as expected, and I always try to let the swatches speak for themselves. As with most of the shadows I've tried from Kat Von D's line, the texture is really soft and smooth, which for some colors equals a bit of extra powderiness but nothing that's out of the ordinary from what I've experienced before. My one and only complaint with this product is so many of the same color, particularly the browns. All 4 colors are extremely similar with just slight changes in tone and finish, so I really wish she would've traded out at least two of them for other colors that could've been added to the palette.

Unfortunately the biggest con about this set is that its a VIB Sephora exclusive! However, all the products can be found separately, but because the palette is limited edition I've only seen it sold on her website now. It's definitely worth the pick up even by itself for the price though!

Do you prefer warm or cool toned colors for your eyeshadow? 
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