November 15, 2016

Brand Firsts | Tattoo Junkee Lip Kits

Tattoo Junkee Lip Kits | $6.99 for Liquid Lipstick & Lip Pigment

As sad as it is when a holiday is over, taking advantage of all the clearance deals manages to brighten my mood quite a bit! While I was roaming through what was left in the seasonal section of Target on my break, I came across a shipper with a bunch of these liquid lip kits from Tattoo Junkee, and thought I would buy a couple shades to try out.

I had never heard of Tattoo Junkee before, but after seeing some really positive reviews with a quick google search, I figured they'd be worth a try for $3.50 each (69 cents for the nude shade!). These really caught my eye because not only do they include a liquid lipstick, but they all also come with a little jar of lip pigment to add some really cool effects to change up the finish and shade.

Target had 6 or 7 shades left when I was there, so I decided to pick up 4 in Cheeky, Grunge, Dazed, and Minx. Cheeky is a light milky nude from the Velvet line, Grunge is a deep blueish slate color and part of their Chroma line, while Dazed is a deep royal blue and Minx is a chocolatey nude part of the Velvet line as well.

I found the formula of all 4 to be nearly identical, which was quite thin and runny. Because of this, you do need to layer the blues quite a bit in order to get opaque coverage, but the thin texture made them feel quite comfortable and airy on my lips.

Cheeky was nice and opaque on the first coat for me, while Minx was slightly patchy in some places and looked best with two. Grunge and Dazed however were both extremely patchy with one coat and needed at least 3 for me to get the coverage I wanted. The good news with that is that these layer really nicely, without feeling or looking gross even after multiple coats.

The longevity of these is what I'd expect from the standard liquid lip, without any noticeable wear and tear until about 6 hours in, which is when it started to flake in the inner rim of my bottom lip and needed a touch up. With a small touch up, these got me through a 9 hour work day just fine!

The big selling point for me with these is the lip pigments. I think its such a cool idea to give you more possibilities with just one shade (plus you can totally mix and match the pigments/liquid lips), and the final effect was absolutely beautiful. The powder glided on effortlessly using my finger to swipe it across my lips, and really helped hide any imperfections that may have otherwise been noticeable with my initial application. It also leaves the lips feeling matte and velvety smooth, without feeling dehydrated and cracked like you'd expect a powder to do. I can't express enough how awesome the final result of these look, but the swatches give you a nice idea of how pretty they are!

Overall, I'd say that the liquid lipsticks themselves are pretty standard in my book, but the pigments as a topper are really where these sets shine. While the blues were quite patchy, the liquid lips are comfortable and end up looking pretty great when layered up, but the pigments just give a completely fresh, super unique spin on your every day lip color. I think if you're someone who will get use out of both products, you'd really enjoy these sets!

Are you a fan of the rising metallic lip trend?


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