November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016 Round-Up | Bunny Makeup & House Snippets

Sorry to stray away from the regular schedule of makeup talk, but if you've stuck around here for long enough you'd know my family does a huge display for Halloween every year at our home, and I always post a few snippets of everything a few days after so here they are! I know most of us are already moving on to full on Christmas mode, but here's to keep you in the Fall spirits a little bit longer.

Normally I don't really do a full on costume for Halloween, but instead try to get really creative with my makeup so this year I decided to opt for this pastely-bright bunny look. I didn't have any prior time to practice it like I usually do, so this was my first go at trying it out! I think it turned out a little more mouse like than bunny but hey, the ears help add to the illusion haha.

As for the house, we had our usual scenes this year with the Texas Chainsaw scene set up in the garage, our clown scene under the backyard patio, an army and vampire scene along the side of the house, and our zombie graveyard in its usual place of the front yard. Unfortunately getting really good pictures and videos is always a challenge because it gets dark so fast and I kind of have to work with what I have, but I'll post a few here as well as a ton of videos on my Youtube if you care to check everything out a bit further! 

While I don't do a whole lot in the way of setting up props like my dad and sister, I've always loved Halloween for the creative aspects, and I absolutely love seeing all the costumes people come up with every year. And to be honest... I'm already kind of planning ahead of time of what I wanna be next year!

Are you a massive fan of Halloween too, or is it really not your cup of tea?

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