December 2, 2016

Holiday Wishlist 2016 | Makeup

Christmas 2016 Makeup Wishlist | Urban Decay, Kat Von D, & More

Hey geeks! With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I'd do a bit more of a laid back post today talking about some of the makeup products I have on my wishlist this year, ranging from some limited edition holiday releases to a few products that have been around for ages now. Hopefully this adds a couple things to your wishlist as well, or gives you some ideas of what to buy your friends and family!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit // $40
Hubba hubba, talk about a beautiful highlighter! These colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how they're super unique shades but also really wearable. Its full of gorgeous, duo-chromy goodness including blues and greens, and I think it would look really amazing with jewel toned eye looks.

Kat Von D Alchemist Palette // $32
Quite similar to the Moonchild palette, the Alchemist highlighter (or transformer, as they refer to it) palette releasing this month from Kat Von D is full of even more holographic sparkling shades, which is clearly becoming a growing trend in the makeup world. Not only am I a sucker for all things colorful, but I really love makeup thats a bit odd and out of the box so needless to say this is high on my list of definite purchases. 

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Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette // $46
Alright guys, don't judge my very apparent and massive love for Kat Von D's makeup line sheesh! I actually can't believe I don't own this palette yet, because it's basically a staple in any neutral users collection. I have a bad habit of buying mounds and mounds of colorful palettes and not having a whole lot of options when wanting to go a little more simple, so I'm hoping this palette will be my new go-to, daily makeup product. (The Metal Matte palette was also part of this list but seems to be sold out now! Bummer)

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Urban Decay Blackmail Lip Palette // $35
The thought of lip palettes usually makes me cringe because my first thought is a big sticky mess, but luckily Urban Decay knocked it out of the park with this design and made it much more ideal, with the plastic divider and included lip brush that will keep debris out and messes contained in their own wells. The Ulta exclusive Blackmail version of this palette includes a beautiful row of nudes with some reds and pinks along the top, while the Sephora exclusive Junkie contains a few more pops of color, including a green and lilac. At such a great price, you might even be able to splurge on both!

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette // $55
Okay okay, I included a neutral palette so of course I had to add in an ultra colorful one as well, with my main choice being the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I'm actually quite on guard with this because the reviews I've read so far have been extremely underwhelming, but when I swatched it in store I did like quite a few of the shades so I'll have to play with the idea a little more. Luckily if you do pick it up and end up being disappointed, places like Ulta and Sephora have superb return policies.

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Sugarpill Pro Palette & Pans // Empty Palette $20 | Pans $13-$16 each
If we're being honest, basically everything from Sugarpill from their nail polishes to the new lipsticks would be on my wishlist, but I've been most intrigued by their pro palette that launched this year. Sugarpill has some of the most beautiful, high quality eyeshadows ever, and they're constantly releasing new finishes and unique shades, so to have a huge palette with them all in one place sounds like an absolute dream. Along with the empty palette, I currently have my eyes on Suburbia, Kitten, Love+, Mochi, and Tako as a few of my first buys.

Shown Above:
Kat Von D Alchemy Palette (Coming Soon)

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