January 12, 2017

Eight-Bit Beauty | Best Of Beauty 2016

Best Of Beauty For The Year 2016 | Urban Decay, MAC, & More

One of my favorite posts to do last year on my blog was oddly enough, my best of beauty for 2015 at the very beginning of the year, so I thought I'd keep the tradition alive and do another one this year! My makeup collection has more than doubled in just the last year, and I've been really having a great time testing out new makeup all the time. Here were some of my stand out products for 2016!

MAC Cosmetics // Strobe Cream in Pinklite | I know I know, I really chose skincare from MAC!? But honestly guys, I treat this stuff like gold. I love the smell as its clean and fresh, and it has light reflecting particles that immediately make the skin shimmer and glow that looks so healthy and beautiful. It also boasts that its packed with botanicals and green tea, so its full of great ingredients that truly do feel smooth, refreshing, and hydrating on the skin. If your skin looks as dull and one dimensional as mine tends to, this could be a great addition to your morning routine.

Make Up For Ever // Hydrating Primer | This was quite a surprising choice for me as I usually have normal to combination skin, but due to being sick a few times through out the year and having some stubborn acne popping up, I've been having a bit of flaking skin around my nose and chin and this has been great at moisturizing it before I pack makeup over top. It's also a great primer to pair with other ones to combat more specific problems if you need to, like with a smoothing primer if you have problems with texture or pores as well.

MAC Cosmetics // Studio Fix Fluid | Woaaaah, throwback! When I first started getting into makeup at 15 years old, this was the only high end foundation I knew about because everyone wore it. Now a days I haven't heard it talked about in years, which is a huge shame because its become my holy grail this last year. My biggest praise for this foundation is that its one of the very few I own that doesn't build up around the end of my nostrils and look cakey through out the day. I will say that I notice a bit of wear on my chin towards the night though, so if you have problems with makeup moving you might want to try out something like Pro Longwear which is another favorite.

Urban Decay // Naked Skin | A repeat from last year, and rightfully so. I only tried one other new concealer this year because my love for this one has been going so strong, and it just can't compare. The coverage is superb, the color range comes pale enough for my skin, and it sets beautifully into the skin when applied. If you haven't found your dream concealer yet, this could be a great contender.

 Kat Von D // Lock It Setting Powder | While it's hard to find anything really revolutionary about a setting powder, I did use this for most of the year and I really like that its a loose formula so I can really get in and drench my brush on days my makeup feels like it just doesn't want to stay put. Not only that, but I've used it for months now and it doesn't even look like a dent was made in how much is left, so it's safe to say that a jar of loose powder is probably gonna last you next to a lifetime.

Milani // Baked Blush in Corallina | I desperately wanted to mention the Kat Von D Shade & Light blush in Samson + Deliah because its absolutely beautiful, but because they were discontinued after just a month I thought I would mention my next favorite, and pretty comparable option, Corallina. The main difference is that Corallina has a sheen with glitter flecks swirled into the product while the KVD shade is all matte, but I'm a sucker for corals on the cheeks and I think they look beautiful with every look. A great every day blush, but I usually make sure to go easy on the highlighter if I wear it.

Wet N Wild // Contour Palette in Dulce De Leche | I was really impressed by some of the Wet N Wild products I've tried this year, and this was one of them. For how cheap this is and how massive the pan sizes are, I can't believe the quality is also through the roof. Both of these powders are super soft and pigmented, and the bronzer shade blends easily into the skin like a dream. The color also isn't too intense for my light skintone and I love that it brings some color to my face.

Urban Decay // Afterglow Highlighter in Aura | A beautiful pink highlighter with a cool shift, I loved this so much through out the year for its sheer uniqueness. It's unlike any other highlighter colors I own, and it looks amazing paired with berry or red eyeshadows. The texture is nice and smooth too, so it didn't emphasize texture or anything like that for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills // Modern Renaissance Palette | This year was full of reds, berries, and oranges for me, and hey what do you know thats what this palette is all about! Besides the color palette being all of my favorite colors mashed into one, the texture and pigmentation on these babies is unreal. Super soft without being too powdery, highly pigmented, and just overall great quality. 

New York Color // Liquid Eyeliner | While I don't love this eyeliner for the applicator as I think its just slightly too big to get really thin lines with, the formula is one of the best I've tried. The finish is ultra matte which can be quite hard to find, and it doesn't crack or flake on me through out the day which is a must for an avid cat eye wearer.

Loreal // Miss Manga Black Angel | While I do like this version of the Miss Manga mascaras a lot, really just the line in general is my favorite from the year. While this and the original are great every day mascaras that lengthen and volumize, I also love the Rock version thats great for smokey eyes as it purposely clumps up your lashes and makes them ultra thick. Black Angel in particular adds some insane length to my lashes and I never feel bad about skipping falsies with these guys.

NUDESTIX // Lip + Cheek Pencil in Whisper | I've been thinking of an excuse to write about this and now I finally can! I can't even express how good this pencil is. While I've never used it on the cheeks, its an amazing lip product and dries down to a comfortable creamy, satin finish that truly lasts all day without having to reapply which is super impressive for something that isn't a liquid lip or ultra matte. It does get just a taaad dry by the very end of a 6-8 hour day, but the color stays put and that's all I could ask for from a lipstick.

All products in action pictured above

Thank you guys for sticking around after a pretty quiet year on Eight Bit Beauty! This year my blog resolutions are to work on my lighting (as outdoor pictures are my favorite but thanks to Ohio weather that's not possible all year round) and actually get some consistency again in my post schedule. I also want to start churning out tutorials again as I love doing them, and maybe I'll even throw out some videos starting soon! 

What were some of your favorite products in 2016?

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