January 22, 2017

Eyeshadow Shorts | Purple Sunrise

Eyeshadow Shorts #1 | Purple Sunrise

So if you noticed in my Best of Beauty post from the beginning of the year, I mentioned that I wanted to start filming videos for the blog, and holy moly the first one is already here! Usually it takes me months of procrastination to finally start doing something, but I decided to try doing a test run with my camera the other day to see how the quality is, and it ended up being not half bad! This video is going to be launching a new series on my blog called Eyeshadow Shorts, where I film short little tutorials like this that are a lot easier to do than the step by step picture tutorials, and gives you a more in depth look at the process.

I definitely already have a few things I want to work on, like showing the product shots in the actual video and talking a bit, but I thought this was a decent first run and it's a look I really love. Unfortunately because this wasn't very planned, most of these products are discontinued now (this is what happens when you're a makeup hoarder!), but I've inserted pictures so you can try hunting down some dupes or just use similar colors you already own.

Lemme know if you like this type of post better or if you're more of a fan of just pictures, so I can cater to what you guys's prefer and know if I should stick with videos for tutorials or mix it up with the picture tutorials as well again.

Do you prefer pictures or videos when it comes to makeup tutorials?

Shown Above:
Inglot | Freedom Shadow in 366 Matte
Sugarpill | Poison Plum Single Shadow
Saucebox Cosmetics | Temptation Palette [DC]
New York Color | Liquid Liner
Kat Von D | Lightning Liner in Poe
NYX | Ultra Pearl Mania Loose Shadow in White Pearl [DC]
Colourpop | Eyeliner Pencil in Boots [DC]
Urban Decay | Perversion Mascara

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