February 6, 2017

I Made A Youtube!

Eight Bit Beauty is Now on Youtube! | Makeup Tutorials, Eyeshadow Shorts, & More

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a super quick post and let you guys know I -finally- made a Youtube channel specifically for makeup videos! I had uploaded the previous one on my 'gaming' channel but decided that since I really enjoyed recording, I would turn it into its own channel so if you'd like you can subscribe to me at Eight Bit Beauty!

I'll leave a link at the bottom of the post if you're interested, and as time goes on I will work on quality such as product shots, talking or voice overs, and overall better lighting. Right now I'm kind of just doing it for fun since I really enjoy it but any suggestions you have for improvements would be awesome :)

While I might be blowing up the blog a little bit in the next few months with video related posts, don't worry if you aren't a big fan of them. I still plan on doing my regular routine posts in between, I just need to start brainstorming on some topics :)

Hope you guys enjoy the new content, and leave a comment with a link to your Youtube channel if you'd like me to subscribe back!


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