February 9, 2017

Collection | Avon Nail Polish

Avon Nail Polishes | Including the lines Speed Dry, Dazzlers, Urban Splatter, & More

With a bit of a more laid back post today, I thought I'd talk about some of the nail polishes I own from Avon. While I know Avon might not be the easiest products for people to buy, you can purchase from their website now so you don't have to exclusively find reps in your area anymore. Not only that, but they have a lot of  cool lines and releases that I thought would make for an interesting post!

So from the lines Avon offers, I have polishes from quite a few of them, including the Nailwear Pro, Gel Finishes, Dazzlers, Brushed Metals, and more. I think the huge selection of finishes, colors, and glitters is what really makes Avon a super underrated brand in the polish world. The Brushed Metal line for example, has this grainy textured finish that adds a really cool effect for being a metallic metal shade. They also last for 4-7 days in my experience with pretty minimal wear, and they're just all around a pretty solid formula. 

Not only that, but very rarely would you ever have to pay full price for any of the lines as Avon has sales on their makeup pretty much constantly where these regularly go half off or cheaper.

The downside to a company like Avon is that many of these lines are always changing, being discontinued, and having new ranges replace them, so while many of these aren't available directly through Avon anymore, they always have upcoming releases that are just as cool to take their place, and I can only assume there will be many for Spring!

I painted these outside on a hot humid day and some of them dried with a weird matte finish, sorry!

If you know any reps or want to purchase online, I definitely think any of the ranges are worth a go, and they're one of my go-to brands when it comes to buying nail polish lately. The mega cheap sales and wide selection makes them any easy choice for someone like me who isn't a huge nail nerd, but still likes to have some color on them!

What are some of your favorite polish brands?

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