February 14, 2017

Love Is In The Air | KVD Studded Kiss Lipstick in Magick

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks | $21.00 Each

You guys already know that when it comes to Kat Von D Beauty, I have to try everything. My collection of her makeup is starting to grow to pretty massive proportions as of late, and there have been so few misses from her line that even if something gets a bad review, I'll usually still opt to try it out. That was the case with her Studded Lipstick range, that I now own two shades from.

The first shade I ever purchased was Magick, which I thought was the perfect lip to talk about on Valentines Day!

Magick is a dusty pink color, with super fine flecks of silver sparkle in it. In Kat's lip swatches this looked like much more of a purpley pink which is what I originally had expected, but I still really love the color so I wasn't that disappointed. The silver sparkle through out makes the product a little gritty though, but my lips don't feel rough or icky once applied.

I found this applied opaque and beautifully with one layer, and its one of the few creamier lipsticks that can easily last 6+ hours on my lips. While this dries down to be matte, I wouldn't say it's ultra matte to the point that your lips feel dehydrated or dry.

These lipsticks also smell heavenly, with a strong vanilla cake scent to them. For some people it might be too strong, but I think its super yummy and pleasant. The packaging is also a huge hit in my book, and its really different and cool without being too much. The sticker on the bottom that says the name is also in the same shade as the lipstick, so you can easily store them in a way that would allow you to see the colors and quickly pick which lipstick you need.

I have to admit though, while the formula is nice, I think my biggest selling point for this line is the color selection and finishes. Kat's line is no stranger to odd, out of the box colors, and this line is full of them. There's greens, shimmery blacks, and metallic purples to ignite that creative spark in you and allow you to try something a bit out of your element.

So if you've been eyeballing a lipstick from this line, I'd give it a go. While I haven't tried a ton of colors, the ones I have tried I've really enjoyed and I think some of the more unique shades are worth the price point. 

Is there a product you liked that didn't have the best reviews?

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Kat Von D | Studded Kiss Lipistick in Magick

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