May 29, 2017

Wet N Wild | Spring 2017 MegaGlo Highlighters

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Spring Highlighters | $4.99 each

I've become an absolute sucker for unconventional highlighter shades, so when I saw these two colors in the Wet N Wild Spring Collection I immediately ran out looking for them in stores! Unfortunately I couldn't actually find them anywhere near me so I had to turn to online, and luckily found them still being stocked on the Wet N Wild website.

These come in the shades Lilac To Reality and The Sweetest Bling, and they're quite blinding formulas. I like the little heart in the center with a more neutral tone, so you can mix the shades to whatever ratio you'd like for your preferred color intensity (or use either by themselves)!

The formulas feel identical in my opinion which is creamy and smooth, and while the pink does look more wearable, it's mega buildable on the cheeks so you can really go all out with either shade if you wish. On my very pale skin, these were very reflective against my lighting when built up so if you aren't into really intense highlights, these might be a bit too much for your preference unless you use a very light hand when applying.

Besides being a really great formula at the usual affordable Wet N Wild price tag, these two are great for collection purposes since they are really out of the box and pretty. They're also limited edition and have been out for quite a while at this point, so once they're gone they'll be gone for good.

Overall, if you like unique highlights with intense shine, or you're just an avid makeup collector, these will make great additions to your highlight family. Now, I'll probably need to tone it down on the blue highlight shades for a while as I have about 5 in my collection at this point.

Are you into the highlighter craze, or is it something you just can't get on board with?
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